ZZHF Swivel Chair, Cloth Company Lounge Chair Study Office Computer Chair Lifting 360° Swivel Chair, 2 Colors - Adjustable Tilt Cushioned Seat (Color : B, Size : with Pedals)


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Brand: ZZHZY

Color: B


  • ● Double Comfort: Ergonomic design, headrest pillow wider and thicker armrests with ergonomic shape, larger-size seat cushion, adjustable footrest.
  • ● Designed with a retractable foot stool that can be pulled outwards to relax your legs on or fully withdrawn for work and study. Comes with a cushion pad with straps for more neck/ lumbar support.
  • ● Reclining and lock function. Chair's back can be reclined and locked at a large angle degrees. 360 degree swivel. Height adjustable.
  • ● Rest for Your Neck & Back: high back design are ideal for a midday rest,lumbar support and neck support, can be a great feature when you lean back to have a little break to release your fatigue body
  • ● For upmost comfort our chair has been finished with armrests .Work great for computer, gaming, executive office, conference Room, and reception; Offer extra comfort for many hours.


Product Name: Swivel chair

Material: wood-based panel + fabric + metal

Wood-based panel type: plywood

Color classification: A, B

Fabric material: linen

Gross weight: 21

Is it customizable: No

Whether it can be lifted or lowered: Yes

Whether it can be rotated: Yes

Is it reclined: Yes

Five-star foot material: steel feet

Handrail type: fixed armrest

Whether to support ergonomics: Yes

Whether to assemble: assembly

Whether with pedals: Yes

Roller: universal mute PU wrapping wheel

Applicable occasions: restaurants / cafes / shopping malls / business hall / restaurant / bar / company, etc.


1. PU material swivel chair should maintain indoor ventilation to avoid PU aging.

2. It should not be placed in direct sunlight, so as to avoid fading of the fabric or leather surface, premature aging, and the rubber layer falling off.

3. When sitting on a swivel chair, pay attention to the uniform force of each leg of the chair, and do not sit on one side. Unbalanced forces and damage to the strength of the chair structure.

4. When the gas rod is lifted and lowered, the front and back tilting should be lightly pulled, lightly moved, and the force should not be too strong. The hardware fittings should be lubricated frequently.


1. Don't sit on the armrests to avoid damage, and don't play on the swivel chair to avoid danger.

2.Please take care when installing and using to avoid product damage.

EAN: 6957529042704

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Type: Home Office Chair

Vendor: ZZHZY