XBLUE X25 Phone System (C2508) with (8) X3030 IP Phones - Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Caller ID, Paging & Remote Phones


Brand: Xblue

Color: blue


  • XBLUE's innovative "Do-It-Yourself" design makes it very easy to self-install which saves you money by eliminating expensive professional installation and programming fees.
  • XBLUE offers "live" US based pre and post sales support; our experienced engineers are ready to assist!
  • The (11) programmable buttons of the X3030 phone means every user can place and retrieve calls from "Hold"  for each outside phone line connected to the system.
  • Connect your choice of up to (4) traditional telephone company lines and/or up to (4) XBLUE certified VoIP telephone lines for a total system capacity of (8) outside telephone lines and up to (16) X3030 IP Phones. No additional hardware is required!
  • Remote X3030 phones can be located off-site (home office, remote office) and operate exactly the same as system phones located at the main office. Remote users access lines, make intercom calls and use system features just like users at the main office.

Operating System: n/a

Details: Professional installation and programming fees can easily double or triple your cost in a new phone system. You eliminate these costs when you purchase an XBLUE phone system because our innovative "Do-It-Yourself" design makes it very easy for you to self-install your own phone system. XBLUE offers "live" US based pre and post sales support; our experienced engineers are ready to assist you! We will help you select the best system for your needs and help you with the initial setup, and then be there for you throughout the life of your XBLUE system. This X25 system bundle includes everything you need to install your own VoIP telephone system. Bundle includes: (1) X25 VoIP System Server (8) X3030 IP Phones w/power adapters (1) 8 port Data Switch (9) Ethernet cables (4) Telephone line cords (1) X25 System Quick Start Installation Guide The X25 includes popular business features like Automated Attendant, Voice Mail boxes for every user, Call Announce Intercom / Paging & Call Forward to Cell Phones. The X3030 VoIP phones included in this bundle fully integrate with the X25 and all of the most commonly used features pre-programmed on the phone. The phone's (11) programmable buttons can be used for one-touch calling to other phones, access to features, speed dial, and for outside phone lines making placing and retrieving calls from "Hold" very simple. The Multi-Color LEDs of each button light up when other phones or lines are busy, which means you can quickly see at a glance who is on the phone or which line is in use. A very popular features of the X3030 is Call Announce Paging with Hands-free Reply. This feature enables another system user to call you on intercom and speak to you through your speakerphone without you touching your phone! For personal service call us with any questions you have before or anytime after you purchase an XBLUE system. Call (866) 925-8312 or send us a message via our website XBLUE.

UPC: 898794002849

EAN: 0898794002849

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