Wooridul IMR0041-08NA Ergo Office Chair, Black


Brand: Wooridul

Color: Black


  • Patented Reversible back rest/chest rest
  • Patented contoured caster covers designed to match the arch of your foot
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Designed by a S Korean spinal hospital
  • Made in S Korea

Details: Aero7 - The Aero7 office chair by Inner Balance Wellness was designed from its inception with spinal health in mind. This chair was designed in South Korea by Wooridul Life Sciences Ltd, which is part of the Wooridul spinal hospital group, so they know a thing or two about spinal health. Dr. Sang-Ho Lee of Wooridul knows modern living habits in this day and age leads to back problem with how much time we spend in front of our computers, so he got the idea to design a chair that would reduce spinal stress and promote correct posture. He had seen surgical chairs designed for leaning forward without any back support to enhance concentration while leaning forward and realized these types of chairs have real world applications. Everything on the Aero7 is designed with proper posture in mind from the bottom to the top. The base of the chair is an ABS plastic, BIFMA certified, 6 point base, this 6th point of contact with the floor provides extra stability other chairs lack. At the same time this six point base features wheel covers that are nearly flat yet contoured to match the arch of the bottom of the foot. Naturally when you sit in the chair you want to place your feet on the wheel covers, by doing this you’re elevating your thighs and adjusting your hip alignment which helps you maintain correct posture, The height adjustable seat is comfortable and subtly angled so that it arches your hip forward slightly helping align your spine more upright improving your posture. The padded upper body support is the real intriguing part of the chair, as this both functions as an arm rest and a backrest depending on how you have it oriented. Its glides freely from back rest to chest rest pivoting around the left side of your body, and the angle of the padded support can be adjusted for fine-tuning your sitting preferences. To adjust the upper support pad all you need to do is grab the metal support bar on your left (when positioned as a chest pad) with your left hand, and then grab the far right end of the upper pad with your right hand and push the pad horizontally towards your left. The pad will slide over a quarter inch and then using your right hand you can you can change the upper pads orientation to however you would prefer.

UPC: 763165710275

EAN: 0763165710275

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