WELCZEK Portable 2 Inch Handheld Inkjet Printer, 50.8mm Handheld Printer, Dual Nozzles Handheld Inkjet Coding Machine for Logo/Date/Barcode/Qr Code/Label etc.


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Color: WK-03 Handheld Printer


  • 1. ( Innovative 2 Inch Handheld Printer Design ). The WELCZEK 2 Inch handheld printer uses the most advanced and intelligent splicing technology. By matching two pieces 1 Inch ink cartridges, the printing height is improved to 50mm. In addition, if you need a smaller printing height, you can Only one ink cartridge is installed for printing, but the maximum printing height can only reach 25.4mm.
  • 2. ( Handheld Inkjet Printer Suitable for a Variety of Materials ). The WELCZEK portable handheld printer can print a variety of materials, such as cartons, stones, wood, pipes, metal, glass, plastics, clothing fabrics, etc. When printing on a curved surface, please use the auxiliary positioning plate to have a better printing effect. Very suitable for manufacturing, retail, logistics and warehousing, DIY design, self-employed owners, etc.
  • 3. ( Edit the Content as you want). The Dual nozzle handheld printer can print a variety of contents, including text, serial number, barcode, QR code, graphic logo, time, production date, label, counter, table etc. At the same time, you can directly import the required content through the U disk. (Note: Graphic pictures can only support monochrome BMP format)
  • 4. ( Simple and Intuitive Interface, Easy to Operate). The WELCZEK portable handheld inkjet printer is equipped with a 5 Inch LED touch screen, the interface has a scale and preview function, you can more intuitively check whether the content is complete. In addition, when the content is edited, it can be saved for the next use and improve work efficiency.
  • 5. ( High Quality Quick-Drying Ink Cartridge). The WELCZEK handheld inkjet coding machine comes standard with two pieces 45ml 1 inch black quick-drying ink cartridges, one ink cartridge can print more than 200,000 characters. If you need to buy additional ink cartridges, you can buy directly from our Amazon store. (Tip: Please pay attention to the protection of the ink cartridges, and cover the protective cover in time to prevent the ink cartridges from drying out and clogging the print head)

EAN: 0794590530282

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