U3-LV USB DAQ Device with 16 Flexible I/O for Analog 0-2.4V and Digital Data Acquisition of Sensors, Relay Control, Automation and Timers


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Brand: LabJack

Color: Red


  • The U3 family devices are versatile for measurement and control within simple analog and digital systems. With the option to configure I/O as either analog or digital, you have flexibility when choosing sensors for your application. Common applications include hobbyist projects, educational programs, industrial control and monitoring, and prototype development.
  • 16 Flexible I/O (Digital Input, Digital Output, or Analog Input), Up to 2 Timers (Pulse Counting/Timing, PWM Output, Quadrature Input)
  • Analog Inputs: The LabJack U3 has up to 16 analog inputs available on the flexible I/O lines. Single-ended measurements can be taken of any line compared to ground, or differential measurements can be taken of any line to any other line. 12-bit Analog Inputs (0-2.4 V or 0-3.6 V, Single Ended or Differential)
  • Timers: Up to 2 flexible I/O lines can be configured as timers. The timers are very flexible, providing options such as PWM output, pulse/period timing, pulse counting, and quadrature input. Counters: Up to 2 flexible I/O lines can be configured as 32-bit counters.
  • Drivers Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Examples Available for C/C++, VB, LabVIEW, Java, and More

Details: USB DAQ device with up to 16 12-bit analog inputs, up to 20 digital I/O, 2 10-bit analog outputs, up to 2 counters, and up to 2 timers.

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