Torrey EQB 100/200 Bench Shipping Scale,200 lb X 0.05 lb,NTEP Legal For Trade,19"X15" Platter,NEW


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  • Storage Companies Markets Shipping Departments Household Suppliers Steel & Aluminum Foundries Office Suppliers Manufacturers …and more!
  • EQB-100/200 x .05 lbs Steel Construction with Pillar Mounted Display
  • 19″ x 15″ Platter
  • Brand new with warranty
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery AC Adapter Toggles Between KG/LB

Details: The EQB Series Bench Scales from TOR REY are well-suited for shipping and receiving applications, teaming high performance, accuracy and flexibility to deliver an incredible value for your business. The EQB Series (EQB-100/200 x .05 lbs) is equipped with a handlebar to allow for easy transport around the stockroom and production floor. Built to last, our scales feature an AC adapter and built-in rechargeable battery with an auto power-off function to save power. The large steel base is designed to handle the demands of every day industrial weighing. With a footprint of 19″ x 15″, this power scale meets the needs of your business while requiring minimal space. The EQB Series scales also feature an easy to read display mounted on a 23″ steel pillar. Attractively designed and touch enough for every day professional use, the EQB Series scales will be a welcomed addition to your business. Whether you’re a storage company, market, foundry, manufacturer or office supplier, the EQB Series will meet the weighing needs of your business. So if you need a dependable and affordable shipping/receiving bench scale, choose the EQB Series from TOR REY. Click on our dealer link to find a dealer near you.