TimePilot Vetro Electronic Time Clock Starter Kit with TimePilot 5 On-Premise Edition Software


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Brand: TimePilot


  • Elegant touchscreen styling; built in U.S..
  • Use it with a network or on its own.
  • Up to 500 employees.
  • Clock in and out with iButtons (10 included) or with a four-digit code.
  • Includes TimePilot 5 On-Premise Edition Software

Details: When not in use, all you see on the sleek black screen is the time and date. Touch the face of the clock or an iButton to one of the probes, and immediately the backlit blue keypad lights up. Collecting your clock-in and clock-out data is easy: If you're using the system on your network, the data is instantly transmitted to the TimePilot database. If it's not on a network, plug the included USB drive into the side of the clock to collect your data and then plug the drive into your PC. The powerful TimePilot 5 On-Premise Edition software is full of features: The software will run as a service on your network. Supervisors can add a note to any clock-in or clock-out. Supervisors can insert pay--a bonus, for instance--for any employee. Multiple rounding options. Calculates employees' gross pay, as well as work hours. 3 Overtime levels. Late and early tracking. Internal battery keeps accurate time even if power goes out, eliminating the need to reset the time on the clock after a power outage. Enhanced reports. The clock, about the size of a paperback book, has no moving parts: It's perfect for both dirty shop environments as well as spotless offices. It also is built in the USA. Package includes: 1 Vetro time clock; 10 iButtons; 1 USB drive; power supply; software download instructions and Quick Start Guide. W x L x D : 4” x 7” x 1.25”; weight: 9.6 oz. Minimum user PC requirements: 64- or 32-bit version of Windows 10 or Windows 8, Windows 2012 Server or Windows 2008 Server; 1 gigabyte of RAM; 30 GB available on hard disk; 1 available USB port.

EAN: 0891078002306

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