Test Dividers RSB-W Set (Regular Size Boards - White) 24 Boards and 24 Stands 24" x 18"


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Brand: TestDividers

Color: White Boards With Black Stands


  • Provide each student with personal space for assessments and tests
  • Ideal for use in Elementary School classrooms, Middle School/Junior High School Classrooms, High School Classrooms and will transform College and University lecture halls into testing halls.
  • Allow students to concentrate on their own work, in their own space
  • Set up the dividers in a variety of ways
  • Made of sturdy WHITE plastic, but are lightweight and easy to move

Details: RSB -W: Regular Size Boards - WHITE - 24" wide x 18" high. We offer a set of 24 Test Dividers/Space Dividers. Each set comes complete with 24 stands. They are in a durable shipping box which doubles as your holder when they are not in use. Just put them under a table or out of the way in your classroom. The stands are in their own box, and fit inside the bigger box for shipping. When you want to set them up, just bring out the boxes and have your students arrange them for the day’s activities. It’s that simple.

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