Swopper Air Motion Chair - Ruby Red


Brand: AERIS

Color: Red


  • Good circulation. Good mood. Sitting on the swopper chair makes you straighten the upper part of your body, which frees the diaphragm, you breathe deeper and your circulation is stimulated.
  • Always in motion. By keeping balance on the sprung seat your body is always slightly in motion.
  • Training for your muscles. Since your entire body is slightly in motion all the time on the swopper chair, practically all muscle groups remain active and well supplied with blood.
  • Keeping ligaments and joints fit. Moving your joints, even when sitting, stimulates the formation of synovia (joint fluid). This prevents arthritis and tightens the ligaments and tendons.

Details: The swopper chair is the first ergonomic office chair in the world to move in all three dimensions. For dynamic, sitting. The function, design and engineering of the swopper chair have won many awards. However, our greatest reward is that the swopper fulfills your individual needs. Every second you sit on it. And move on it. The swopper AIR uses a high tech 3DEA spacer fabric! Three-dimensional textile that consists of top and bottom layers of performance fabric, held at a clearly defined distance by pressure-sensitive threads. If you like a softer sit that still allows for all the same benefits that the swopper classic, this seat is for you.

EAN: 4250200498992

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