Switched on Schoolhouse, Grade 9, USB Core Subject Set - Math, Language, Science, & History, 9th Grade Homeschool Curriculum by Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega Publications

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Brand: Alpha Omega Publications


  • Switched-On Schoolhouse makes homeschooling easy and fun.
  • Quick Installation: With a few clicks, Switched-On Schoolhouse is loaded and ready to use.
  • Automatic Grading: Parents can easily keep track of student scores, assignments, grading needed to be completed, and preview assignments. This wonderful time-saving feature gives parents more hands-on time with students and less time with paperwork!
  • Video Clips: Integrated into the curriculum, videos give students an up-close look at subject topics.
  • Built-in Calendar: The calendar features allow you to assign/unassign school days, exclude date ranges, and add/remove events like field trips or holidays, and much much more. See the Features image above to see all the features of Switched on Schoolhouse.

ISBN: 0740338404

Details: USB-Switched-On-Schoolhouse-Core 4 Subject Set (Grade 9)

EAN: 9780740338403

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