Swingline GBC Binding Machine, Manual, Binds 125 Sheets, Punches 15, WireBind W15 (7708147)


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Brand: Swingline

Color: Gray


  • 125-SHEET CAPACITY - Sturdy machine gives bound documents a permanent polish with a strong wire binding. Binds up to 125 sheets and punches up to 15. Ideal for mid-sized offices with moderate needs.
  • HARDWORKING WIREBIND - Ideal when both permanence and visual appeal are high priorities. Lies flat for easy reading. 360° rotation for easy note taking and photocopying. Works with wires up to 14mm.
  • EASY-TO-USE & EFFICIENT - Manual machine with simple controls is easy to operate. QuickStep graphic instructions allow users access to the machine without reading through a complex manual.
  • CONVENIENTLY PORTABLE PUNCH - Convenient carry handles add portability, for easy binding all around the office and wherever you need it.
  • BUILT TO LAST - GBC stands behind this high-quality machine with a limited one-year warranty.

Details: W15 WireBind Binding Machine provides a solid option for permanent, everyday binding. This machine binds up to 125 sheets with a strong wire binding, and punches up to 15 sheets at a time. It's an excellent choice for small-to-medium sized offices with proportional binding needs. Wire binding is an ideal option when permanence and visual appeal are both high priorities. This machine accepts wires up to 14 mm. QuickStep graphic instructions printed directly onto the machine allow easy use without the need to read through a complex manual. This all-in-one machine is conveniently portable, with carry handles that allow you to take your binding duties on the go. GBC stands behind this high-quality machine with a limited one-year warranty.

UPC: 031111454208

EAN: 0809302179731

Languages: English

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