START International ZCM1000T Electronic Tape Dispenser for Thin Tapes

START International

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Brand: START International

Color: Black


  • Electronic tape dispenser automatically advances and cuts thin tapes in medium to high production applications
  • Cuts tape widths from 0.28 to 2" (7 to 51 mm), in lengths from 0.79 to 39" (20 to 999 mm)
  • Special advancement system to dispense thin tapes
  • Length of cut and automatic feed can be set with LED display panel and manually overridden with push buttons
  • Pressure roller is adjustable for different thicknesses of tape

Details: Automatically advance and cut tape. Blades good for up to 200,000 cuts (dependent on type of material).cabinet made from flame retardant anti static material (auto ignition of 896 degree F/ 480 degree C).comes with a 3" (76mm) core, others available.cuts tape lengths from 0.79" to 39" (20 to 999mm). Digital length adjustment.for safety reasons, the use of tweezers is recommended for removing pieces of tape under 15mm.guillotined cut for a straight edge piece of tape. Ideal for medium to high production facilities using thin polypropylene packing tape. Led digital length adjustment. Manual override of preset lengths. Many available accessories fit this machine. See accessories section. Program a defined length and automatically advance and cut tape. Special advancement system. Steel frame for durability. Hin-tape dispenser for very thin and difficult to dispense tapes. Max. Outside dia. Of roll: 7".

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