Socket Mobile CX3374-1767 DuraScan D700, 1D Imager Barcode Scanner, Orange, 1.5" Height, 1.6" Width, 5.2" Length



Color: Orange


  • Exceptional ergonomics - Small, light and fits perfectly in the hand for comfortable use over extended periods of time
  • Long lasting battery - Power to last over two 8-hour shifts
  • User feedback - Intuitive LED indicators let users know battery, Bluetooth connection and scanning status at a glance
  • Rugged Design - Protection rating of IP54 for dust and water splashing

Details: The D700 DuraScan is a 1D Bluetooth barcode scanner that is built for the most commonly used barcodes. Strong and durable for warehouses, outdoor distribution and industrial manufacturing, the scanner’s outer casing withstands multiple drops and tumbles for those tougher work environments. The D700’s casing has an IP54 rating, withstanding dirt and water splashes to keep up with the job’s demands. Even germs have trouble sticking to its antimicrobial material, making it a perfect pairing for the healthcare industry. But, don’t let its rough and tough exterior fool you, the D700 has a softer side, a sleeker side. Remaining ergonomic and elegant for those more sophisticated environments and clientele, the D700 can put on a show or be part of the show, sitting on the sidelines of a fancy shop or taking part in an exposition. Workhorse, nursemaid, wingman, showman – the D700’s versatility is best described as a chameleon. Its adaptable assets are diverse so it can suit almost any industry or working condition. Certified by Apple for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iTouch) and compatible with Android, Windows smartphones and tablets.

UPC: 758497112897

EAN: 0758497112897