SmartSign 42(h) x 29(w) x 24(d) inch Standard A-Frame Sidewalk Sign and Letter Kit, Heavy Duty Plastic, Red, Black and White, Set of 1


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Brand: SmartSign

Color: White

Details: Industry Leading Durability
A-Frame Sidewalk Sign Holders are made from rustproof plastic technopolymers to withstand harsh environments. Whether its snow, rain, sleet, or the baking heat of summer these practical holders won't fracture, break or degrade. The internal steel support system reinforces the frame, making it durable while preventing against deformation, stress or fatigue. It is constructed to endure constant abuse or wear and tear from everyday use, without compromising the structural integrity of the holder.

Kit Components
The A-Frame legs feature curved channels that are designed to fit any 24" (w) x 36"(h) sign with a thickness of 4mm (3/16"). The Standard version comes with two - 24" x 36" x 4mm white sign faces with 7 letter tracks on one side of each and one set of 314 - 4" letters, numbers and symbols (black letters & red numbers).

Installation Hardware
Sign holder comprises of two black sign uprights (one with wheels), 3 black cross tubes, and 1 set of assembly hardware.

Resist Winds
Curved sign face deflects winds of up to 30+ mph. For additional support and stability in windy conditions, the A-Frame legs have a built-in ballast ports that are able to accept water or sand. Each ballast is able to hold approximately 3 quarts of water for a total of 1.5 gallons of additional weight.

USA's Oldest Sign Manufacturer
Family owned since 1918, we take immense pride in our signage. Being one of the oldest certainly means we know this business in and out. Our South Dakota factory is the oldest manufacturer of metal signs in the USA. We have been an integral part of safety and convenience our signs have provided over the years.

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