Secure It Under Bed Safe Fast Box 47- A Hidden Gun Safe, Protect Your Guns with Electronic Lock and All Steel Construction. Easy Access with Quick Release, Perfect for Under Bed, Vehicle, Cabinet

Secure It

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Brand: Secure It

Color: Fast Box 47


  • FAST ACCESS-Provides both secure storage and fast access with electronic keypad. It also includes a backup key override.
  • DISCRETE DESIGN- Efficient design offers ample room for additional handgun, pistol and ammo storage. Bolt together locker style, stack on top of one another, or spread multiple throughout your home(under bed/in closet).
  • SCOPE INTACT- Height: 6.5" Width: 47" Depth: 13" allows storage with scope and magazine attached to the rifle. The Fast Box is Ultralight weight at only 47 lbs.
  • HEAVY DUTY- Made durable from all-welded steel with a louvered back panel for vertical applications. Includes a Neoprene pad cushion for horizontal applications. Purchase a Vertical Kit which provides vertical storage for 2 rifles.
  • DECENTRALIZE- Gain a tactical advantage over home intruders. You can securely store defensive handguns around your home for fast access in the event of an emergency situation.

Details: Hidden gun safe for firearms up to 46-½" in self-defense applications. Specifically made for horizontal applications and can stack on top of one another. The Fast Box 47 comes with pre-drilled holes which allow for mounting under beds and other key locations, or for bolting together. Small and discrete the Fast Box is perfect for placing multiple safes throughout your home for proper home defense. Featuring SecureIt Cradle Grid Technology - Developed under contract with US Army Special Forces. Consider This: Single-location gun storage is inefficient. Decentralized gun storage makes it tactically more effective to protect your family and much more difficult for gun thieves to get to your valuables. It is important to secure your guns so others cannot see them and ensure fast access in the event of a crisis. The truth is, the only type of safe that cannot be broken into is one that cannot be found. A big, obvious gun safe is one of the last places you should keep valuables or guns. Modern gun safes offer little in the way of security, take too long to open, are too big to hide. In fact, they are usually the first place a thief goes to look for valuables. Placing discrete storage like our Agiles or Fast Boxes strategically throughout your home is the most efficient way to protect your family and your valuables. Perfect size for a small pistol safe, or a lightweight pistol safe, the Fast Box can store multiple pistols at once.

EAN: 0851534005562

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