Secure It Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Gun Safe: Model 40 - Holds 6 Rifles and uses CradleGrid Tech, Stack on Agile Units, Heavy Duty Guns Safe with Keypad Control Safely Stores Guns, Easy Assembly

Secure It

Brand: Secure It


  • ULTRALIGHT GUN SAFE – Don't let a traditional gun safe slow you down. The Agile 40 is strong and durable, yet lightweight so you can relocate around the house, or when you move.
  • KEY OVERRIDE - A keypad control panel with the addition of a hidden key override as back up, keeps all contents secured.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE - Comes standard with SecureIt’s CradleGrid Technology for organized and adaptable storage. CradleGrid system allows adjustment on the fly to store any long gun; no tools necessary. There is no need to re-zero, it stores any style rifle with a scope attached.
  • STEEL LOUVERED PANEL - Heavy-duty steel cabinet with louvered back panel grid for straight-line access which allows you to reach each firearm without moving others. To top it all off the organizational awareness improves visual inventory. The Agile Model 52 is the ideal size for both home and office.
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - The Agile 52 comes with 6 upper cradles with removable bungees, 3 stock bases storing any 6 firearms up to 50″ in length.

Details: SecureIt Tactical's Agile Model 40 is designed to stack on top of an Agile Model 52, or bolt next to it. The keypad is positioned near the cabinet base so it is convenient to reach when stacked. Made to store both guns and accessories. Store your rifles and armor or gear separately with the 52 and 40. Like the Model 52, the Model 40 is a premium, heavy-duty firearm storage system that features SecureIt's patented KnockDown Technology. It can be assembled in minutes. Agile gun safes have pre-drilled holes so you can easily bolt them together. The Pre-drilled holes also allow you to bolt the gun cabinets to wall studs or floor joists. Featuring SecureIt Cradle Grid Technology - Developed under contract with US Army Special Forces. Consider This: Single-location gun storage is inefficient. Decentralized gun storage makes it tactically more effective to protect your family and much more difficult for gun thieves to get to your valuables. It is important to secure your guns so others cannot see them and ensure fast access in the event of a crisis. The truth is, the only type of safe that cannot be broken into is one that cannot be found. A big, obvious gun safe is one of the last places you should keep valuables or guns. Modern gun safes offer little in the way of security, take too long to open, are too big to hide. In fact, they are usually the first place a thief goes to look for valuables. Placing discrete storage like our Agiles or Fast Boxes strategically throughout your home is the most efficient way to protect your family and your valuables.

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