SecuRam SafeLogic Xtreme (Black Chrome Finish) Safe Lock. EMP Proof - Electronic Button Entry, with Mechanical Backup. Backlit Keypad and Dial. Up to 3 Codes. Std Lock Mounting Platform.

SecuRam SafeLogic Xtreme - Black Chrome Finish

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Brand: SecuRam SafeLogic Xtreme - Black Chrome Finish

Color: Black Chrome


  • Pushbutton Access (electronic) - 6 digit code
  • SpinDial Access (mechanical) - 3 number combination (EMP Proof)
  • 2 Electronic Access Codes: Manager + 1 User, 1 Combination Code
  • BackLit Keypad
  • TopLit SpinDial


SecuRam SafeLogic Xtreme is a highly advanced electro-mechanical safe lock that integrates a 3 wheel mechanical lock into an electronic swingbolt lock body for Xtreme protection, giving you the convenience and fast access of an electronic lock PLUS the protection and assurance of a mechanical lock.

For everyday use, enter the code on the Digital Touchpad for easy access. It's fast and easy.

But in Xtreme situations, just dial the 3 wheel combination and you're in! SafeLogic Xtreme gives you the confidence that you'll always have access to your safe even in the event of a dead battery, failed electronic component or Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) event.

NOTE: This lock uses the industry standard lock footprint, so it can replace most other manufacturer's locks. Does NOT fit certain Canon safes that use a mini lock. If unsure, inquire before purchasing.


  • Backlit entry pad for low light conditions
  • SpinDial lighting (activated with dial rotation)
  • Instant AutoLock - assures your safe is locked and secure the moment you close the door
  • 2 Electronic codes: 1 Manager and 1 User
  • 1 Mechanical Dial code
  • 5 minute penalty after 4 incorrect codes
  • Stainless steel entry pad housing
  • For left-handed bolt motion, a separate adapter is available.

UPC: 725391709096

EAN: 0725391709096

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