SAM4s SPS-530 FT Cash Register


Brand: SAM4s


  • Up to 60,0000 PLU's, 999 Clerks and 99 PLU Groups with optional extended memory, sold seprately
  • 7" Color Touch Screen Improves Order Entry Accuracy
  • Popular POS Workstation Components Included - Not Added On
  • Thermal Printer(s) Reliable high-speed thermal receipt printer featuring quick and easy drop-in paper loading.
  • Magnetic Card Reader Use to swipe payment cards when integrated payment options are implemented,

Details: Featuring a hybrid design, Sam4s has combined fast and simple ECR keyboard entry with an intuitive touch screen operator display. The SPS-530FT is easily configured for your food, beverage, or retail business and provides the functions and options you need to meet your point of service needs.The flat-keyboard configuration can easily accommodate over 100 one-touch preset keys, significantly more than any touch screen POS terminal. Your cashier can locate and register items quickly, keeping your lines moving. The raised keyboard provides all the functions required by busy retailers. Unlike an ECR that may display only the last item entered, the 7" LCD touchscreen displays the entire order, allowing your operator to confirm the order and then refer to the display as he/she fills it. System Reports - A menu driven selection of reports can be viewed on the ECR screen, printed at a local printer, polled remotely, sent electronically via FTP or saved to SD/ USB memory. Sales information can be simultaneously collected on up to five different periods: for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly record keeping.

UPC: 011035505231

EAN: 0011035505231

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