Sailor Fountain Pen Realo Black 21K Medium Nib 11-3924-420


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Brand: Sailor


  • ƒÓ18 x 141 mm
  • weight: 21.4g
  • Pen tip: 14 gold, 24 gold plated finish
  • Line width: Medium 0.8mm
  • Ink: Piston filling system

Details: A rotary suction type fountain pen "Profit Realo." Put a pen tip into an ink bottle and inhale slowly with only a small pause -it brings a quiet time to remember healing and peacefulness. Feeling comfort in a moment when you rotate the tail plug slowly and inhale. [Features] 1.Piston filling system : Sailor has chosen a self-filling system "Piston filling system." To fill the REALO, simply dip in any ink and rotate back button it fills its own. 2.Ink tank window : Sailor uses a special clear window to observe the ink reservoir with large ink capacity - 1.5mls. Easily confirms remaining ink volume. "SAILOR" - S: Satisfaction A: Activity I: Innovation L: Longevity O: Originality R: Reliability. The Sailor Pen Co., Ltd. was established in 1911. By the superior craftsman of the Sailor has been created fountain pens of fine writing touch. The high quality "a hand" knows. It was loved by the people who loves writing, and cares about writing taste. Sailor has been creating fountain pens which matched the life culture of the times. Sailor products are high-performance, high quality by a refined design, and they are loved by many people. Our mission is to proudly maintain our long heritage of over 100 years of quality and technical excellence and perfection. Made exclusively in our own factory in Hiroshima Japan using the best quality materials available our products are brought to you worldwide by our dedicated team of distributors and retailers. We are very proud of our heritage and our reputation for the best quality nibs and we hope that we can satisfy your requirements and enhance your writing experience.

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