Safescan 2210 - Bill counter for sorted bills with 2-point counterfeit detection


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Brand: Safescan

Color: Gray


  • High-speed bill counter that counts sorted, single denomination bills for all currencies
  • Counts up to 1,000 bills per minute
  • Checks bills for counterfeits using up to two security features: Ultraviolet Ink (UV) & Size
  • Features "add" and "batch" functions. Add function allows you to keep track of total count across individual runs. Batch function allows you to count out a specified number of bills. Perfect for preparing cash drawers or deposits.
  • Visual and audible alert when a suspected counterfeit has been detected
  • Easy-to-read, large LCD display

Details: Safescan's 2210 rapidly counts single-denomination bills while simultaneously checking all bills for counterfeits using up to two different security features. The 2210 features a back-loading hopper that can hold up to 300 bills and count them at up to 1,000 bills per minute. Count your cash quickly, accurately and easily! The Safescan 2210 can quickly check your stacks of money for counterfeits and verify bills based on up to two security features including: ultraviolet ink and size. When the 2210 identifies a suspected counterfeit bill, it will pause counting and provide an audio and visual alarm to alert you. Simply remove the suspected counterfeit bill from the stack and press start to resume counting. Let the 2210 help you optimize your cash counting. Use the add feature to automatically add up the amount of bills counted across different runs, or choose the batch function and enter the desired number of bills and the 2210 will automatically pause each time it counts out that number. There’s no faster way to prepare your bank deposits and cash drawers. The 2210 has an intuitive control panel and a large, crisp display that clearly shows the number of bills counted. Six clearly labeled buttons provide easy access to the 2210’s many features. The 2210 is easy to use with no training required.

EAN: 0888338335182

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