Royal 500DX Cash Register


Brand: Royal

Color: Light Grey


  • 16 Departments and 400 Price Look ups
  • Front and Rear LCD Displays
  • 8 clerks and 4 Tax rates(including Canadian)
  • Memory Protection with Back Up Batteries
  • Locking Cash Drawer
  • Royal Machines 500dx Cash Register with 16 Department Capability with Front (Clerk) and Rear (Customer) LCD Displays and 400 Price Look Ups
  • 8 Clerks/4 Tax Rates Including Canadian & Add On & VAT
  • Single Station 57mm Impact Printer
  • Memory Protection w/ Back Up Batteries Included
  • Locking Cash Drawer w/ 4 Bill/Removable 4 Coin Tray & Small Foot Print & Universal Drawer

Platform: Windows

Details: Portable Electronic Cash Register 8 Departments. Automatic tax computation Locking cash drawer. Memory protection Security system.4 clerk IDs.