Rotaliana Dina+ LED Table Lamp Light Blue


Brand: Rotaliana



  • Power LED 7W 2700K 400lm dimmable, Materials Aluminum, Finish Light blue, 2 Diffuser white and transparent, Dimensions 370x110x200 mm, Design Donegani & Lauda 2011-2015
  • Input voltage: 100-240 V
  • Length in mm: 370
  • Width in mm: 110
  • Diameter in mm: 200

Details: Dina is a small table lamp that offers diffused light. It is a bedside lamp made with
polycarbonate and is installed on an aluminium structure. On/off and dimmer functions by means of a touch sensor on the base.
This ordinary shape hides a LED source.
The diffuser, either translucent or chromed, turns transparent when the light is switched on and reveals the absence of a traditional bulb, just like magic.
Its light is warm and soft, making it perfect as a bedside, desktop or living-room lamp.
Dina+ is a table lamp composed of a polycarbonate diffuser and an aluminum frame which supports the LED and optics polycarbonate. On the basis of the lamp has been inserted the button for the regulation of light and a USB socket to recharge any electronic device. Dina+ is also equipped with a rechargable battery that allows it to be used and moved freely in the house, in the garden or wherever you need light, without having to be plugged in.

EAN: 8058774347687