Rilakkuma San-X Rilakkuma Leather Pen Pouch Accessory

San-X Rilakkuma

Brand: San-X Rilakkuma

Color: Brown


  • San-X

Details: Rilakkuma San-X character [ Rilakkuma 7] anniversary
very popular 7 Years of Innovation! !
Rilakkuma also there to here! ! Products of classic sewing
face pattern and stationery such as pencil and note
It's recommended a simple and easy-to-use

new items is an appearance in
Rilakkuma die cut and face series cute things such as goods in full force! ! garment pattern of face that it is easy to use with a (* ^ _ ^ *)

simple dot stylish
're so cute and very
laminate fabric + embroidery Hope you're GET quickly
Favorites two types of Korilakkuma and
Rilakkuma pen pouch is fully enter and in fabric pattern, because it is
gusset I'm with a pull of
metal mascot cute! !

size I find a
favorite: about 80 x 190 x 45mm
Features: Laminate Material metal mascot with
embroidered cloth printing, in entering

EAN: 4974413532518

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