R-Smart Plus En~do~do~ntic Ro~ot Can~al Apex Locator with En~do Mo~tor Reci~procating 16:1


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Brand: BONEW


  • With Multi-Frequency length measuring technology and the function of root-canal length measuring and enlargement.
  • Ultraprecise mo~tor originating in German; Large colorful OLED screen, all ang~les visible.
  • Four ope~ration models and six functions including Reciprocating motion, Automatic deceleration in apical zone, Automatic inversion and stopping in apical zone, Automatic start/stop of mo~tor, Automatic inversion of torque, Both root-canal length measuring and enlargement.
  • En~do Mo~tor is a supporting device of end~odontic trea~tment, through enlarging root-canal in the process, helping you to finish the end~odontic trea~tment.

Details: POWER: Switches the device on or off (LCD screen lights up or goes out) VOLUME: Adjusts the sound volume or mute STORAGE: Saves the current setting data of speed, torque, auto reverse and root tip limit value into program APEX SETTING: Sets the root location (in M4 mode, file will be auto reverse when arrives the pre-set root location ) MODE: Switches the 5 operation modes M1: Only root-canal length measuring M2: Only root-canal enlargement M3: Reciprocating rotary motion M4: Both root-canal length measuring and enlargement M5: Both reciprocating rotary motion and length measuring Specification Adapter 100V-240V 0.8A 50Hz/60Hz Torque 0.6~4.0 N/cm Gear ratio16:1 Max speed 200~600 rpm Noise ≤60dB Bur applicable emdo file Battery 7.2V/1400mAh Chuck type Push button Dimension 255*205*142mm 1.45KG Warranty Period 1 year

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