Pyramid 2650 Auto Aligning, 6 Column Time Clock

Pyramid Time Systems

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Brand: Pyramid Time Systems

Color: Charcoal Grey


  • 6-Column time card handles Three sets of in and out punches per day to accommodate lunches, breaks or overtime
  • Uses Pyramid 43079 replacement ribbon
  • Automatic time card feed and alignment; uses only genuine Pyramid 42415 time cards
  • Red LED indicators light up active punch column; internal buzzer alerts workers of start time, break, shift change or departure time
  • Savings per employee of 6 minutes per day or 25 hours in payroll savings per year, per employee
  • Compact design is ideal for small workplaces
  • Includes 25 time cards, ribbon, 2 security Keys and user guide

Details: The pyramid 2650 Auto aligning time clock stays on top of employee time and attendance with a 6-column, double-sided time card for tracking arrival times, breaks, lunches, overtime or departure times for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly pay periods. Bright Red LED indicator lights let the user know which punch column is Active. An internal buzzer notifies employees of start times, breaks, lunches, shift changes and dismissal times. No employee limit. Compact design takes up little space. Includes 25 time cards, ribbon and 2 security Keys.

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