Projection/Projector Screen Paint - Ultra Short Throw with Ambient Light Rejection - Gallon

Paint on Screen

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Brand: Paint on Screen


  • Color: Bright Refractive White
  • Size: Gallon
  • Gain .7
  • Edge Blending - Yes
  • Roll or Spray Application

Details: ULTRA SHORT THROW with AMBIENT LIGHT REJECTION Paint On Screen has the coating you are looking for when it comes to Ultra Short Throw projection screens and areas with High Ambient Light. UST-ALR is a project-specific formulation designed to get the most out of your ultra-short-throw projector. Gain .7 Wide Angle Viewing Edge Blending - Yes Roll or Spray Application Bright Refractive White in color. With a steady gain of .7 and a wide viewing angle over 80° this coating can perform anywhere you demand a short-throw application.

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