Prime Scales Heavy Duty 48"x48" Floor Scale | Pallet Scale with Premium Indicator, Calibration Certification and Weighing Software - Big Data Scale


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Brand: PrimeScales


The PS-10000F is ideal for industrial or shipping use. It is a high quality, professional floor/pallet scale. It also features rechargeable battery and RS232 output. With the included RS232-USB cable and Prime Interface weighing becomes even simpler! The Prime Interface software ($49.99 value) can show the weight on your computer screen. You can capture the weight with one key on the computer (you can choose which key) so no more typing! The software can also save data automatically or manually.

Weight capacity is as high as 10,000lbs and it is accurate to 1lb.

What is Big Data Scale? What can it do for your business?
There are lots of useful data generated along with your business operation. These data are usually wasted if they are not recorded. If you record the data and save them you can use them to improve your business and make important decisions.
Big Data to business is DNA to human. Knowing your Big Data and improving your business can make you much more competitive than your competitors.
This floor with Big Data function can record every load you put on the scale. We can also customize the way you like to record with very low fee.

Protect you from freight chargebacks:

When you receive chargeback letters, you need to fight back claiming the weight on the paperwork was correct. You need the following tools to win this fight:
1. A pallet scale (NTEP scale preferred. This listing is for a Non-NTEP scale)
2. If you want to save money on the scale, at least you need a calibration certificate issued by a licensed company.

The calibration certification is sold $100 by itself. You can save a bundle by purchasing this bundle - floor scale with calibration certification - your ultimate tool to protect you from freight chargebacks.

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