PreAsion 51 Inch Electric Manual Cold Roll Laminating Machine with Film - Commercial Grade


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  • Electric&Manual Dual-use: This cold mounting machine has Manual/Automatic adjust knob, one key adjustment, convenient and fast. It also has a foot pedal for more convenient control in many aspects. The cold laminating machine uses a cold pressing process to mount the cold laminating film on the surface of the picture, it can keep the surface bright for a long time.
  • Rubber Rollers: Soft rubber rollers, smooth surface. Sturdy metal body, the rubber roller rolls more smoothly when the machine is running, and the film coating effect is good. 4 castors with 2 brakes, it is easy to move and stop.
  • Reinforced Bracket: The support frame is made of thick metal materials, and the parallel bars are reinforced to make the machine more stable and more stable during operation.Widen the countertop, better place materials, and more convenient for coating.
  • Pressure Regulator: This vinyl photo film cold laminator can adjust the left and right ends, respectively mounting pressure equal to the pressure at both ends of the rubber roller. Should separate the upper and lower rollers first,then put cold laminating film on , turn the knob, and to ensure that the upper and lower roller parallel and collide, then a little pressure. Pressure can’t be too heavy to avoid mounted equipment in longevity bubbles.
  • Wide Application: Cold Laminator Machine is suitable for common materials, and the cold laminating effect of KT board, acrylic, aluminum-plastic board, glass and other plates is also very good. It is used for the mountign work of wedding dressed, art photography, computer inkjet, calligraphy and painting, posters, advertising pictures, documents, etc.

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