Pelikan M900 Toledo 900 Fountain Pen Nib F in Gift Box, Black


Brand: Pelikan

Color: Black


  • Barrel created with precious metals, decorative band in 925 sterling silver plated 24k gold hand engraved with an elaborate technique of Damascus according to Toledo's famous artisan tradition
  • Differential plunger loading made of solid brass ensures extreme reliability and durability of the fountain time;
  • 18 carat gold two-tone nib with rhodium decorations also available in EF, M and B widths; all Pelikan fountain pens are hand launched to ensure the quality of writing
  • Length of closed pen 16.3 cm; weight 38.6 grams
  • Made in Germany and supplied in a black high-quality gift box with gold tone on tone silk lining and serial number

Details: The art of working Damascus steel dates back thousands of years ago: steel or iron objects were worked and affected a decoration on the surface. This technique has arrived in Spain with Arabs and has been perfected over the centuries, particularly in the Spanish city of Toledo. In 1931 Pelikan adopted it for the Toledo model, it was so successful that the design remained virtually unchanged for all these years. Each Toledo fountain pen is a unique exemplary, the decorative band is made of 24K gold plated 925 sterling silver, hand engraved by a master craftsman according to the famous Toledo artisan tradition in Spain. Due to the complexity of the work you can create up to 200 copies per month. The hood, handle and back cover are made of high quality black resin. If you have a Toledo fountain pen, you have a work of art and a small piece of history.

EAN: 4012700924599

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