P1004230 P23740-25 Printhead for Zebra 110Xi4 Thermal Label Printer 203dpi


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  • 1PC compatible new printhead for Zebra 110Xi4 203dpi label printers
  • Part number: Replacement for Zebra P23740-25, P1004230. Note: not fit for Zebra 110Xi4 300dpi or 600dpi printers. please double check the printer models before purchase.
  • Fit for all 110Xi4 203dpi models: 112-80A-00000, 112-8K1-00000, 112-801-00200, 112-801-00100, 112-801-00000, 112-8K4-00003, 112-8K1-00270, 112-8K1-00200, 112-8K1-00110, 112-8K1-00100, 112-8K1-00010, 112-8J1-00000-GA, 112-8G1-00200, 112-8G1-00000, 112-8E4-00003, 112-8E1-0N010, 112-8E1-00201, 112-8E1-00200, 112-8E1-00100, 112-8E1-00010, 112-8E1-00000, 112-851-00201, 112-851-00200, 112-851-00000, 112-80E-00203, 112-80E-00103, 112-80E-00003, 112-806-00000, 112-805-00200, 112-804-00200, 112-804-00103
  • How to check whether this printhead fits your printer: click "Ctrl+F" to search your printer part number on this page, or simply check if its part number starts with 112.
  • Worry free purchase: 30 days return policy. Any question before purchase or problem during using, just contact us for free technical support, we'll reply within 24hrs to settle it down ASAP.

Details: Printhead for Zebra 110Xi4 203dpi Printer, Compatible New Fit for all 110Xi4 203dpi models: 112-80A-00000 112-8K1-00000 112-801-00200 112-801-00100 112-801-00000 112-8K4-00003 112-8K1-00270 112-8K1-00200 112-8K1-00110 112-8K1-00100 112-8K1-00010 112-8J1-00000-GA 112-8G1-00200 112-8G1-00000 112-8E4-00003 112-8E1-0N010 112-8E1-00201 112-8E1-00200 112-8E1-00100 112-8E1-00010 112-8E1-00000 112-851-00201 112-851-00200 112-851-00000 112-80E-00203 112-80E-00103 112-80E-00003 112-806-00000 112-805-00200 112-804-00200 112-804-00103 112-804-00000 112-801-0N010 112-801-00210 112-801-00204 112-801-00203 112-801-00201 112-801-00110 112-801-00101 112-801-00080 112-801-00070 112-801-00010 112-801-00003 112-801-00001 112-801-00000-GA 112-701-00700 Note: not fit for 110Xi4 300dpi or 600dpi printers. Please double check the printer part number before purchase.

EAN: 0782248143847

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