Owl Be There 2018 Calendar

Sellers Pub Inc

Author: Amylee Weeks

Edition: Wal

Format: Wall Calendar

ISBN: 1531902170

Number Of Pages: 28

Details: Artist Amylee Weeks playful owl illustrations adorn the pages of this delightful new wall calendar/planner from Sellers Publishing. Combined with flowers and appealing, earthy backgrounds, the owls depicted in Owl Be There are absolutely charming! Amylee Weeks is a prolific artist with many different styles; licensee list includes DaySpring, Demadco, Midwest, CBK, Pavillion, York Wallcovers, and Demension crafts, to name a few. In addition to this new calendar/planner and a new mini calendar, Sellers has three books in our line featuring Amylees artwork: Blessings, I Love You Mom, and Friends Bring Out the Best. The continuing popularity of owls in the consumer marketplace, and Amylees large fan base are a dynamic combination!

UPC: 764453002171

EAN: 9781531902179

Languages: English

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