OSRAM XBO 75W /2, Xenon Short-Arc Discharge Lamp


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Brand: OSRAM


  • Xenon short-arc discharge lamp with intense point source providing a broad, continuous spectrum with near perfect color rendering in the visible range
  • OEM replacement bulb for equipment in the medical & scientific fields, including endoscopy, surgical lighting, microscopy, fiber illumination, imaging & scanning, and solar simulation
  • Wattage: 75W, Voltage: 14V, Current: DC, Average Lifetime: 400hrs
  • Designed with high arc stability and near perfect color rendering with CRI=95
  • Follow handling instructions provided with the packaging.

Details: OSRAM XBO OSRAM XBO Xenon Short Arc Discharge Lamps (≤ 450W) are intense point sources that provide a broad, continuous spectrum and have a near perfect color rendering in the visible range with an index greater than 95. These lamps are optimal sources for fiber illumination devices for Medical, Scientific, and various Industrial markets. The high quality spectrum makes these lamps ideal for endoscopy, microscopy, and surgical headlamps. Trust in OSRAM With over 100 years in lighting, OSRAM is a leading manufacturer for specialty lighting across many markets and is known for providing reliable, high performance products.

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