Original Philips Projector Lamp Replacement with Housing for NEC NP42LP


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Brand: Lutema

Color: Lamp With Housing


  • Manufactured by MI Technologies, Inc. - the industry leading manufacturer of Projection Lamps in North America.
  • Compatibility:, NP-PA653U, NP-PA653U-41ZL, NP-PA653U41ZL, NP-PA703W, NP-PA703W-41ZL, NP-PA703W41ZL, NP-PA723U, NP-PA723U-41ZL, NP-PA723U41ZL, NP-PA803U, NP-PA803U-41ZL, NP-PA803U41ZL, NP-PA853W, NP-PA853W-41ZL, NP-PA853W41ZL, NP-PA903X, NP-PA903X-41ZL, NP-PA903X41ZL, NPPA653U, NPPA653U-41ZL, NPPA653U41ZL, NPPA703W, NPPA703W-41ZL, NPPA723U, NPPA723U-41ZL, NPPA803U, NPPA803U-41ZL, NPPA803U41ZL, NPPA853W, NPPA853W-41ZL, NPPA853W41ZL, NPPA903X, NPPA903X-41ZL, NPPA903X41ZL, PA653U, PA653U-41ZL, PA653
  • , PA653U41ZL, PA703W, PA703W-41ZL, PA703W41ZL, PA723U, PA723U-41ZL, PA723U41ZL, PA803U, PA803U-41ZL, PA803U41ZL, PA853W, PA853W-41ZL, PA853W41ZL, PA903X, PA903X-41ZL, PA903X41ZL
  • MI Technologies, Inc. is the World's Largest Authorized Reseller of Factory Original Philips Lighting and Osram Sylvania projector lamps. MI Technologies, Inc. is the world leader in replacement projection bulbs and is the largest manufacturer of Projection Lamps and Projection Lamp Housings in North America.
  • This product comes with a 180 Day Warranty from MI Technologies, Inc.

Details: Original Philips UHP bulb only or with Housing for NEC NP42LP. The lamps are manufactured using high quality standards and technology; and provide the best picture quality, brightness and lifespan. Part Numbers: NP42LP Model Numbers: NP-PA653U, NP-PA653U-41ZL, NP-PA653U41ZL, NPPA653U, NPPA653U-41ZL, NPPA653U41ZL, PA653U, PA653U-41ZL, PA653U41ZL, NP-PA703W, NP-PA703W-41ZL, NP-PA703W41ZL, NPPA703W, NPPA703W-41ZL, PA703W, PA703W-41ZL, PA703W41ZL, NP-PA723U, NP-PA723U-41ZL, NP-PA723U41ZL, NPPA723U, NPPA723U-41ZL, PA723U, PA723U-41ZL, PA723U41ZL, NP-PA803U, NP-PA803U-41ZL, NP-PA803U41ZL, NPPA803U, NPPA803U-41ZL, NPPA803U41ZL, PA803U, PA803U-41ZL, PA803U41ZL, NP-PA853W, NP-PA853W-41ZL, NP-PA853W41ZL, NPPA853W, NPPA853W-41ZL, NPPA853W41ZL, PA853W, PA853W-41ZL, PA853W41ZL, NP-PA903X, NP-PA903X-41ZL, NP-PA903X41ZL, NPPA903X, NPPA903X-41ZL, NPPA903X41ZL, PA903X, PA903X-41ZL, PA903X41ZL

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