Ongo Stand - Ergonomic Office Stool for Adjustable Standing Height Desk


Brand: GOON

Color: Black


  • The perfect ergonomic office stool for your standing or adjustable height desk.
  • Height range of 24-35.4 inches.
  • Very easy assembly.
  • Fixed sleek chrome base, pivoting lift extension, and microfiber fleece seat.
  • German engineered for seamless active sitting and perching.

Details: Some might say the Ongo Stand looks like something off an alien spaceship...

To them we would reply, yeah, ISN'T IT AWESOME?

But Ongo Stand isn't just super cool looking, it's also healthy and practical-I know! The Ongo Stand is specifically designed for ergonomic supported standing. The seat provides a contoured platform to support your weight comfortably, but slopes gently down and away behind your thighs, minimizing potential pressure points. Meanwhile, your legs are active and engaged in a near-standing position.

Ongo Stand is the perfect complement to an adjustable desk. With a height range of 11.5", Ongo Stand accommodates stances from almost-sitting to almost-standing. The seat's cylinder fits into a pliable rubber gasket in the solid 3-prong base. The fixed base gives you a solid foundation, while the gasket adds flex and movement that keeps your legs and core engaged.

Upholstery: Microfiber Fleece - 88% polyester (70% recycled) - 12% polyurethane

3 Year Warranty Made in Germany

UPC: 722589329692

EAN: 0722589329692

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