NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair - Rolling Desk Chair with 3D Adjustable Armrest, 3D Lumbar Support and Blade Wheels - Mesh Computer Chair, Gaming Chairs, Executive Swivel Chair (Black)


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Brand: Nouhaus

Color: Black


  • Conforms to your Life: With it’s 3D Adjustable Armrest and Lumbar System, ElastoMesh, 135 Degree Back Tilt, Smooth HydraLift, Dual Castors (and a set of hardwood floor Blade Castors) – it’s easy to think the Ergo3D is from the future, but instead it’s evolved Ergo Seating at its finest and it’s here now.
  • Ease into Work, or Play: Mesh Headrest adjusts up and down while the 3D Adjust Arms go forwards, back, sideways, up and down for the best fit to your body. 3D Lumbar Support hugs your back, while the seat lifts up and down for the ultimate custom fit in the office, or in front of your game!
  • Soft HD Office Chair: Our breathable ElastoMesh provides optimal airflow to avoid sweating and sticking. But it’s also smooth, and nothing like sitting on wire like many of the chairs you’ll see today. And while it’s good to take regular breaks, the Ergo3D is so comfy you’ll forget you’re even working.
  • Heavy Duty: Our 5-Point Base with dual castors gives greater stability and strength over common 4-Point, single castor chairs. And our strong iron base makes this heavy-duty office chair ideal for adults up to 275 lb. We also give a set of blade wheels – smooth as silk on hardwood.
  • Super-Lounge Recline: Settle back, because you have up to 135° of tilt to keep you in the perfect position for your next task, or to simply lounge back and admire how smart you are for finding such a remarkable ergonomic chair. Try the Ergo3D and feel the difference it makes to your life.


The Ergo3D - Evolved Ergo Seating Ahead of Its Time

On the surface, the Ergo3D is a contemporary, decor friendly, adjustable office chair with lumbar support. And while we can all agree that's important, they are in fact, superficial basics that everyone has, and not true ergo-enhancements. And if you work, study or game long hours i's just not enough comfort, is it?

... Now, Meet The Ergo3D By NOUHAUS

Reduce ALL Strain with 3D Armrests and Lumbar Support

3D Adjust Arms move forwards, back, sideways, up, down and tilt for a comfort fit, while our 3D Lumbar Support hugs your back, reducing compression or pain.

2D+ Adjustable Headrest and Seat for The Ultimate Custom Fit

Ergo3D isn't just up and down - we added tilt and slide! Our tilting headrest also adjusts to your height, while the seat slides up, down

Let's Talk Wheels (Also Comes With FREE Blade Castors)

Our 5-Point Base with dual castors gives greater stability and strength over the common 4-Point, single castor chairs. And the other unique thing is we give you a FREE SET of roller blade wheels - velvet smooth on hard wood floors.

No Sweating, Sticking, Or Mesh Marks!

Forget about wirey mesh chairs that leave grill marks on your body. Our smooth breathable ElastoMesh provides optimal airflow to avoid sweating and sticking.

Here's What Else Is So Great About The Ergo3D

  • Durable Iron Base Holds Up to 275 Pound Weight with Heavy Duty Use
  • Super-Lounge Tilt up to 135 degrees, and Gray
  • Comfortable Soft Armpads
  • 5 Year Warranty and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

So, if you're ready for a satisfying 3D seated experience, you're ready to slide into the welcoming Ergo3D comfort zone.

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