NEC NP22LP Replacement Lamp for NP-PX700W/PX750U/PX800X, NP-PX700W2/PX750U2/PX800X2 and NP-PH1000U Projector


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Brand: NEC


  • For NP-PX700W/PX750U/PX800X, NP-PX700W2/PX750U2/PX800X2 and NP-PH1000U projector
  • Replacement product
  • Sold in each

Details: NEC manufactures desktops, large-screen displays, and multimedia and digital cinema projectors, as well as provides expertise in hardware/software consulting, financing, system configuration, maintenance and service/support. Compatible with these Projector Part Numbers: NP22LP, NP-22LP, NP22LP Model Numbers: NP-PX700W2, NPPX700W2, PX700W, PX700W-08ZL, PX700W08ZL, PX700W2, PX700W2-08ZL, PX700W208ZL, NP-PX750U, PX750U, PX750U2, PX750U2-18ZL, PX750U218ZL, NP-PX750U-18ZL, NP-PX750U-18ZL, PH1000U, NP-PH1000U, PX800X, NP-PX800X, NP-PX800X2, NPPX800X2, PX800X-08ZL, PX800X08ZL, PX800X2, PX800X2-08ZL, PX800X208ZL

Collections: Video Projectors, XML Feed 27

Category: Feed27, NEC, United States

Type: Video Projector

Vendor: NEC

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