MUNBYN POS Printer, 80mm USB Receipt Printer, POS Receipt Printer with Auto Cutter ESC/POS Command Support Windows(Only USB Interface)


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Color: Black


  • 【USB Interface】Only USB and Cash drawer interfaces, this POS receipt printer widely works in banks, telecommunications, takeaway, shopping malls, hospitals, supermarkets, sports lottery, and other fields. Attention, no LAN, no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth.
  • 【Auto Cutter, Fast Printing & Wall Mounted】80mm thermal printer has an auto-cutter function. High efficiency with auto-cutter and the fastest printing speed--230mm/sec. POS printer has a wall-mounted design. Direct thermal printing: Easy for paper installation, easy maintenance, and excellent structure.
  • 【No Ink Print】Print width: 79.5±0.5mm; Paper Width: 3 1/8" (80mm). No need for ribbon/ink. Receipt printer head has over-temperature protection to make the print head last longer. Plug and play USB port, easy to use.
  • 【Main Guidance】User Manual provides a clear driver installation guide for the USB receipt printer. Read the printer user manual before using the POS receipt printer.
  • 【Printer is Compatible with】Based on ESC/POS command, the POS printer is compatible with Windows. It does not support iPad, iPhone, or any iOS devices. It does not work for Square, Doordash, Uber, GrubHub. Please check the systems and APP before using them. If you have questions about whether the product is compatible with your POS system, you can come to us first and ask us about product compatibility. We will answer your questions promptly.


Product Name: Thermal Receipt Printer
Product application: widely used in banking, telecommunications, takeaway, shopping malls, hospitals, supermarkets and sports lottery and other fields.
Product Features:
* 200 mm / sec low noise, high speed printing.
* Simplified/Traditional can be freely converted by instructions.
* Support cash box driver.
* Support kitchen printing, network printing.
* Support NVLOGO download image printing (picture format is BMP).
* Built-in power supply design, more convenient and more beautiful to use.
* Supports print head over-temperature protection to make the print head last longer.
* Support anti-knife function to prevent card cutter.
* Support single prompt and error alarm function.
* Supports the loss-free function to prevent losing orders.
* Support a variety of one-dimensional bar code printing.
* With automatic paper cutting function.
* Compatible with ESC/POS commands.
* Support Linux system driver, advanced OPOS driver.
* Easy to install paper structure design, easy to load paper.
* With out of paper detection, black mark detection and positioning function (detection is located in the middle of the paper black mark), automatic paper loading function.
* Standard Chinese Simplified GB18030 Large character library, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese and 19 international languages ​​are available. Powerful graphic customization, character custom print commands for clear, beautiful print.

EAN: 0793811795745

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