Mount-It! Electric Standing Desk Frame | Height Adjustable Motorized Sit Stand Desk Base with Controller | Single Motor Stand Up Ergonomic Workstation | Steel Legs | White


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Brand: Mount-It!

Color: White


  • A HEALTHIER WAY TO WORK: Feeling the pain from sitting all day at work? Reduce pain and improve your overall health with our electric standing desk frame. Burn calories and boost productivity by sitting and standing throughout the day.
  • EASY HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: This single motor desk frame features powerful yet quiet and smooth continuous up and down height adjustments. Customize the height with the push of a button, with no time wasted. Raise your tabletop from 28.7 inches to 48.4 inches from the ground.
  • SOLID AND STABLE: This all steel standing desk frame boasts a load capacity of 176 lbs and is built for stability by combining solid steel columns with a steel cross beam and wide steel footings. Its heavy-duty build eliminates wobble and ensures a sturdy workspace.
  • CUSTOM WORKSTATION: Customize your motorized sit stand desk with a tabletop of your choice and easily attach it to the frame using four fasteners. The frame has an adjustable width from 39.4 inches to 63 inches wide. TABLETOP NOT INCLUDED.
  • ADDED FEATURES: The motorized lift is designed with overload protection to protect the motor from damage and will automatically stop if the load is over capacity. Easily level your desk with the adjustable feet to adapt to any floor surface.

Details: The Mount-It! Electric Stand Up Desk Frame: Take Your Work to New Heights at the Push of a Button.
Our Electric-Powered Adjustable Height Desk Frame features a powerful single motor with smooth and quiet height adjustments.

Men and women who spend their days sitting at a computer desk can fatigue easily and are at a higher risk of eye strain, back/neck pain , and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome . But with our easy to install adjustable desk riser, you can combat these problems with a simple push of a button. The sit-stand desk with electric motor elevates your workstation anywhere between 28.7" to 48.4" - allowing you to get out of your chair while uninterrupting your workflow or productivity.

The powerful motor is incredibly quiet and raises the desktop platforms quickly. It's the perfect addition to any office or computer. Business owners will appreciate its professional look and design, and everyone will love its user-friendly simplicity. The Mount-It! ergonomic standing desk is easy to assemble, allowing you to get back to work in no time. We promise that the simple addition of this stand up computer desk frame will provide immeasurable benefits in how you feel and the way you perform while working or carrying out a variety of tasks.

Product Details
(1) Single Powerful Motor
(2) Height Adjustment Controller
(3) Adjustable Width: 39.4" to 63"
(4) Adjustable Height: 28.7" x 48.4"
(5) Steel Legs and Frame
(6) Color: White

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