Monoprice Height Adjustable Gas-Lift Sit-Stand Desk Frame - 5 Feet Wide - Black | Mobile and Versatile, Easy to use, Smooth and Quiet - Workstream Collection


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Brand: Monoprice

Color: Black


  • Instant Height Adjustment:This is our fastest sit-stand desk, which can change height settings in a second. Make quick adjustments and get your perfect height setting.
  • Mobile and Versatile:This sit-stand desk does not need power, so it can be positioned anywhere. Wheels in the back of the table feet make it easier to reposition the desk, though it is not designed to be entirely mobile.
  • Gas-lift Technology:The gas-lift technology allows you to effortlessly adjust the desk to the desired height, smoothly and quietly. The mechanism is functional, visually clean, and simple in design.
  • Smooth and Quiet:The desk is quieter than the manual crank and electric motorized sit-stand desk frames.
  • Sit-Stand Height Adjustable: Adjustable from 29.5 - 42.3 Inche surface height to easily convert between a sitting and standing position.

Details: Boost your productivity and workplace comfort with a Gas-Lift Sit-Stand Desk Frame from Monoprice. Gas-lift means that the desk moves up or down instantly, for faster height adjustments than the common manual crank and electric motorized sit-stand desks. No physical cranking is needed, so adjustments are smooth and easy, which is key to encouraging movement throughout the day. Compared to motorized desks, these gas-lift versions are quieter and do not need power, so they can be positioned away from walls and power outlets. Built-in back wheels aid in moving the desk, while the extended height means that even tall people can find a perfect sitting or standing position. These desk frames come in 4-foot and 5-foot versions to fit various home and office needs. Custom desktops (sold separately) are available in Dark Walnut, Black, and Light Oak and provide an exact, pre-drilled fit.

UPC: 889028076224

EAN: 0889028076224

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