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Mind Reader

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Brand: Mind Reader

Color: Black


  • LARGE WORKSTATION - A large metal surface made for accomodating all of your desk and office needs. Plenty of space for your keyboard, monitor, mouse and mouse pad. 34 inches in width with 20 inches in length provides an ample amount of workspace, whether it be for your computer or your books and writing materials. The ability to fit a large number of items makes for the perfect workstation for any college kid or corporate employee
  • COMPACT DESK - Adults are always multi-tasking, whether it be cooking or other household chores. If you're strong enought to lift 33 lbs, this desk can be moved all over the house in order to make multi-tasking easier. Simply adjust to the smallest height standing 4 inches tall and move it wherever you need to. Easy to store in the closet or storage room when not in use
  • DURABLE - Most desk are made of cheap materials or wood that will have plenty of wear and tear in the same year you purchase it. Our desk is made of sturdy metal that will last for years to come
  • DIMENSIONS - 19.69 in. L x 33.86 in. W x 3.94-18.50 in. H

Details: Sitting constantly can strain your neck and back, but with this upright standing desk you can stand while you work. Not only will it help with your neck and back, but you will be able to focus more. Change up your work days from sitting and standing to maintain movement while you work.

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