Manual Lensmeter Lensometer Focimeter Optometry Machine AC DC Power Optical Lens Lensometer Lens Meter Focimeter


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Brand: vinmax

Color: White


  • 🌟 This type lens tester is used to test the lens of the lens, the prism of the refraction, cylindrical axis, prism and prism baseline direction, and to the optical center of the lens, cylinder axis and cylinder base direction Print marks.
  • 🌟 The instrument can be AC, DC dual (5 # 5 DC battery);
  • 🌟 The instrument readings, scale clear, and intuitive high precision, good reliability, simple operation, easy to use.
  • 🌟 And a compensating prism can correct the center of the spot, the lens and the mirror can be measured, is the glasses manufacturers, shops, ophthalmology ideal measuring instrument.
  • 🌟 100% AFTER-SALE GUARANTEE:If you're not happy with it, ship it back and we will refund your money. We Offer 100% Money Back Guarantee.And if you have any question about the vinmax lens tester,pls contact us freely.

Details: πŸ’ vinmax Manual Lensmeter Lensometer Focimeter Optometry Machine πŸ’ Technical Parameters: Eyepiece focusing range: Β±5 D The vertex refraction measurement range: -20D ˜ +20 D The minimum measurement grid: 0.12D The prism measuring range: 5Ξ” The prism grid value: 1Ξ” The prism axis range: 1--180ΒΊ Prism grid value: 1ΒΊ Measuring the maximum diameter of the lens: 20mm-85mm The exchange: 220V / 110V - 6V, DC:3V Net Weight:5KG πŸ’ Dear friend,if you have any question about the product, please contact us before leaving the feedback, we will deal with the issue immediately and carefully until you are satisfied.

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