Linortek Netbell-KB All-in-One Extra Loud Automatic Factory Warehouse Break Buzzer System Programmable Bell Timer Software Web-Based Bell Controller w/One External Buzzer Output Covers 25,000sqf Area


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Brand: Netbell


  • COMPACT SELF-CONTAINED: Network enabled automatic bell controller, no extra software or designated computer needed
  • FULLY PROGRAMMABLE: Add up to 500 schedules from a web browser without going through the firewall
  • EASY TO USE: Wireless manage your bells from any computer with the built-in remote function or BellScheduler desk app
  • ACCURATE BELL CONTROL: built-in Real Time Clock that can sync with an NTP server, accurate control of when the bell ring

Details: The Netbell-KB is a compact, self-contained design that was created with ease-of-use in mind. The system is built on TCP/IP platform with a built-in web server and special software designed for scheduling a bell system, all software and mounting hardware required for installation and operation are included. With the built-in web interface, you can access, control and schedule bells over a network or the Internet, no additional software or designated computer required. With the special designed BellScheduler desk app, manage & schedule multiple Netbell devices in a few clicks, making the management of your bell systems incredibly easy. It's an ideal solution for factories, industrial facilities, warehouses to build a fully automated web-based timed alert system for signaling class changes, shift rotations, breaks and any other timed signal applications in areas of high ambient noise levels.
The Netbell-KB features a high quality 4 inch high output buzzer (100dBa @10', volume adjustable) that can cover up to 25,000sqf industrial working area, and a completely wired web-based bell controller installed within a NEMA-rated box. There is one additional relay output with a CP connector that provides quick connect/disconnect one external buzzer (not included) if you have a larger area needs to be covered. The external buzzer can be connected at 250 ft away with 18AWG cable (500ft/16AWG) to the Netbell-KB server with a suitable power source.
It's ready to go out of the box, and you need only connect the unit to your AC outlet and an existing network with the provided power transformer and cable; it can be connected anywhere on the network and does not require a direct connection to a PC. For those who wish to forego networking the Netbell-KB, it is also able to function as a stand-alone device. Connect the unit to a PC, add schedules, then remove, and it will function as scheduled.

UPC: 704817999204

EAN: 0704817999204

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