Led Eye Protection Intelligent Children's Voice 45 Minutes Learning Reminder Desk Lamp Minus Blue Led Table Lamp


Brand: LEZI

Color: Blue


  • Flexible silicone hose: comfortable grip, no blind lighting reading, 360° rotation adjustment angle
  • Adult OR child mode design: When the button is lit, it is the child eye protection mode, just touch to cancel the button.
  • Youtong adopts the principle of diffused light: multi-level filtering light, soft light and glare when reading, reflective film, soft side light guide plate, blue LED wick, anti-glare film
  • Good illumination, high color rendering index: The color rendering index is the degree to which the true color of the object is restored. The closer the value is to 100, the better the color rendering, and the smaller the color difference.
  • No strobe: You can say goodbye to eye damage, safe DC power supply, ensure smooth current output, mature stroboscopic suppression technology

Details: Light source: LED
Shade material: plastic
Switching mode: touch type
Style: simple and modern
Voltage ≤36V
Color: smart models
Power: 12W
Illumination: 1000kux
Luminous flux: 550lm
Color temperature: 4000K (child color temperature) / 5000K (adult color temperature)
Indicates: >95Ra
Lamp life: >50,000 hours
Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C

EAN: 4666545564931