Kolibri Domino Bank Grade Mixed Denomination Money Counter Machine Cash Counter Bill Counter and Bill Reader with UV,MG,IR Counterfeit Detector


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Brand: Kolibri


  • Automatically reads cash as it passes to count and sort based on value- unlike simple bill counters which cannot determine denomination and value.
  • Multiple modes for all your business's money counting needs: Mixed Denomination, Sort, Batch, Add and Count. Face and Orientation modes ensure cash is all facing the needed direction.
  • Protects your business from counterfeits. Domino includes ultraviolet and magnetic ink counterfeit detection to ensure all collected cash is authentic.
  • Stops and alerts for any issues. Whether it's a $5 in a stack of all $20s or a suspected counterfeit, the Domino will stop the count with a clear alert.
  • Easy-to-use touch-screen controls simplify this advanced cash counting system with a quick, approachable user interface.


A retail-ready solution for counting and sorting the cash your business generates, the Kolibri Domino will ensure your cash counts are correct while vastly improving productivity.

Unlike most money counters, the Domino is able to read cash as it's fed through and automatically determine what denomination it is ($1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills).

Count down a mixed stack of bills with the total monetary value clearly displayed to speed up closing out tills. Ensure that each denomination stack you have does not have any misplaced bills— no more surprise $20s in the $5 stack! And sort a mixed denomination stack down to its individual denominations.

The Domino also automatically scans bills with both ultraviolet and magnetic sensors to ensure that collected cash is authentic. While an advanced infrared system guarantees bills pass through completely and individually for an accurate count every time. Any time the Domino detects a bill that should not pass through, such an incorrect denomination or a suspected counterfeit, it will stop counting immediately and alert you to the discrepancy.

The Domino is compact at just 11 inches high but is able to power through large amounts of cash quickly. Three adjustable bill counting speeds of 800, 1,000 or 1,200 bills per minute provide flexibility based upon the state of the bills to be counted, slower speeds are great for worn bills while faster speeds will sail through crisp new bills. The extra-large hopper holds up to 600 bills at once. For high-performance currency counting at an affordable price, make Domino the one choice for your business!

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