JUMMICO Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Office Computer Table Stand Up Home Workstation T-Shaped Metal Bracket with 44 x 24 Inches Wood Tabletop (Walnut)


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Color: Walnut


  • 【Health Science Office】 Long-term sitting will have a bad effect on our body. Standing and sitting alternately work is currently the most scientific and healthy office method. This desk not only allows you to have the most comfortable height when sitting, prevents your spine from bending, but also allows you to sit and stand alternately to work, relieve leg numbness and body fatigue caused by long sitting, makes your energy more concentrated.
  • 【MEMORY ELECTRIC LIFT】The height of the table can be adjusted freely between 28.4 inches and 45.7 inches, and with a height display screen. You can adjust it to your most comfortable height when working, reducing the strain on the waist caused by long-time work and improving your work efficiency. The table has 4 memory height keys, you can adjust to a memory height with one key, and it can be re-memorized height, allowing you to quickly return to the frequently used height when using it.
  • 【SOLID & STABLE】 The table is supported by a solid metal frame. The wide T-shaped foot design is one of the most stable supports. Even when used at the highest height, the table can maintain good stability, which is your reliable partner at work. The desk top is made of solid wood. The surface is added with a smooth, strong and waterproof laminated panel. This design makes it stronger than other desk tops and has excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance.
  • 【PRACTICAL DESIGN】There is a wire collecting hole on the desktop, you can connect the computer wire to the bottom of the table through this hole, so that your wires will not be messy and keep your office area tidy. There are screw foot pads at the bottom of the table legs to adjust the height of the four supporting legs, which can keep the table stable even on uneven ground.
  • 【WORRY-FREE WARRANTY】Jummico has an excellent after-sale service team,Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, We will do our best to help you to solve the problems you have. Hope to bring you the best shopping experience.

Details: Our bodies are designed to move, any form of inactivity whether standing or sitting for a long time, results in negative health implications.Sitting and standing alternately is a scientific and healthy office method.It leads the trend of modern healthy office. Benefits of Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk: 1. Healthier sitting posture A. Adjust the height of the desk, keep your eyes looking forward, and parallel to the computer screen, which can prevent your neck from bending and head tilting forward. B. Keep your wrists and forearms in a straight line, and your elbows are about 90 degrees. This is the most natural office posture 2. Stand and sit alternately A. Standing and sitting alternate office is currently the most scientific and healthy office method. Stand working can promote blood circulation throughout the body, make the whole body get more oxygen and energy, and keep your brain clear when thinking. B. Sitting for a long time will cause numbness of the legs and body fatigue, and will produce a sense of boredom at work. Stand working at this time is a way of relaxation, which can relax your numb body and improve your work efficiency. Instructions for Electric Height Adjustable Desk 1. Height Adjust Press △ or ▽ to control the lifting or lowering of the desk. Press and hold the △ key to raise the desk, and you can see the increase in height (displayed number) on the screen; press and hold the ▽ key to lower the table, and you can see the decrease in height (displayed number) on the screen 2.Memory height The desk has 4 memory heights. Short press the number key ( 1 2 3 4 ) and the desk will automatically adjust to the corresponding memory height. 3.Re-memory height Press and hold the number key ( 1 2 3 4 ) for 2 seconds to save the current altitude in the number pressed.

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