J-Mac (J.F. McCaughin) Red Art Bronze Wax 2-AB45-50lb Case

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  • Virgin Art Bronze Wax
  • Soft Grade Wax
  • Congealing Point: 146-152 F
  • Slab Weight Varies (See Product Description)

Details: Red art bronze waxes are virgin waxes specifically formulated for use in art bronze castings. The quality of these waxes is rigidly controlled so that uniform results are obtained at all times under the same working conditions. A soft grade art bronze wax, 2-AB45 is similar to 2-AB44 in working conditions but is slightly softer. Ideal for use in cooler conditions where a harder, higher melting wax is likely to chill and set up too quickly. Slabs and cases of J-Mac Red Art Bronze Wax are not produced in uniform weight. Slabs are typically 9-10lbs (18"x12"); price in cart assumes a 10lb slab or a 50lb case.

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