INTSUPERMAI Thermal Laminating Machine with Digital Display - Hot Cold Roll, Speed Adjustable, 13inch A3+


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  • 【Hot & Clold Laminator】Cold laminating and hot laminating are based on different classifications of film coating consumables. This film coating machine not only supports hot laminating consumables BOPP and PET hot melt adhesive pre coating, but also supports a wide range of cold laminating films, self stickers and self-adhesive sheets.
  • 【Single & Douldble sided lamination】Type: A3+ 13inch/33cm. It can not only cover film on one side, but also cover film on both sides at the same time with hot laminating. When the film is placed at the upper and lower positions, and then double-sided lamination can be completed at one time. When the laminating machine is working, the cots run continuously. There is no direct friction between the rubber roller shaft and the shaft sleeve, almost no wear, and the service life is longer.
  • 【HD display & Simple control panel】The temperature, speed, mode of the Laminatorare highlighted digital display, whether natural soft light, direct sunlight, or night, can be displayed very clearly. The operation panel of theLaminator is simple but efficient, which is very convenient to use.
  • 【Intelligent error correction】The system will judge automatically. If it finds that the system refuses unreasonable instructions, it will take over the machine and enter the full-automatic mode. The intelligent control will prevent the machine from burning.
  • 【Integrated flip feed table】This doubel side thermal laminato uses a connected paper feeder, always with the host, not easy to lose. When installing or changing consumables, the platform can slide and turn over along the track, without removing and falling.

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