Intellaspace - Trackless Keyboard Tray System


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Brand: Intellaspace

Color: Black


  • Direct Mount, no track required
  • Total height adjustment of 8.23” (+1.25” above to -6.98” below the desk surface)
  • Enhanced patented Lift-N-Lock braking mechanism
  • Soft touch knob dial tilt with +10° to -15° tilt angles
  • 19.75” w x 10.5“ d keyboard platform, plus 9” dia. swivel mouse surface

Details: The Vanish trackless keyboard arm is engineered to fit work spaces such as height adjustable tables and benching systems, where space is limited and conventional track mounted keyboard arms will not fit. The Lift-n-Lock arm will adjust the height of the platform to any desired level between 1.25" above the underside of the desk to almost 7" below the underside of the desk. Most traditional keyboard systems require a track that is 17-21" long to fully retract, so if space is limited a trackless system like this one is recommended. This revolutionary new product still provides the user with Lift-N-Lock capability, dial tilt and separate height and tilt gauges and functionality that can only be found on high end keyboard arms. Includes 19.75” wide x 10.5“ deep, keyboard platform, plus 9” diameter swivel mouse surface that swivels 360 degrees. Vanish requires only 10" of depth to fully retract when not in use (from the front edge of your worksurface, back to obstruction). When fully retracted under the worksurface, the underside of the platform will sit 5.25" below the underside of the worksurface, and the front edge of the keyboard platform will slightly protrude from the front edge of the worksurface (depending on mounting location).

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