InBody Bundle - H20N Smart Full Body Composition Analyzer Scale (Midnight Black) + Band 2 Activity Tracker with Body Composition, Sleep Monitor, and Notifications (Midnight Black)


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Brand: InBody


  • Measure It All - This bundle includes the H20N Smart Full Body Composition Analyzer Scale and the Band 2 Activity Tracker pairing the convenience of at-home body weight analyzation with activity tracking while on the go.
  • H20N Whole Body Assessment - The handle bar electrodes allow us to measure the whole body giving you more accurate and consistent full body composition results while most body fat scales can only measure half of the body and must estimate for the rest.
  • Band 2 Activity Tracker - Measure your body composition, your workout and monitor sleep anytime, anywhere.
  • Mobile App - Results from the H20N and Band 2 automatically sync to your smart device through the InBody App where you can track your progress, set goals, and compare your progress with friends. Works with Google Android and Apple iOS.
  • Advanced Technology - The H20N smart scale utilizes BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) technology to measure body composition and help you achieve your health and fitness goals through connected smart home technology. Get the most out of your workout with Band 2. Automatically track reps, calories burned, and duration of your workouts.

Details: "InBody H20N – Accurate, Convenient, Whole Body Composition Testing. A smart weight analyzer that goes beyond weight. The InBody H20N measures whole-body composition with technology that is based on our professional devices. You’ll get accurate and personalized results in the comfort of your home. Utilizing InBody’s technology, the H20N measures Weight, Body Fat Mass, BMI, and Muscle Mass. Measurements are uploaded automatically to the InBody App where you can monitor your progress, share your results, and stay on track for your health goals. Quick and Accurate Testing: It's as simple as standing on the device like a regular weight scale and holding the handlebar. Advanced technology with ease of use. Whole Body Composition Analysis: Smart scales only have electrodes on the footplate, so they can only measure your bottom half and have to estimate the upper half. The InBody H20N comes with handlebar electrodes as well as footplate electrodes, so your entire body composition is measured, not estimated. Infinite Number of Users: Unlike other smart scales the H20N does not have a limited number of users that can utilize the device. The test is initiated in the app and the results are uploaded via Bluetooth to the individual’s profile. Measure and track changes in percent body fat, fat mass and muscle mass with the InBody BAND 2. After entering in your weight, the InBody BAND 2 analyzes it and breaks it down its muscle and fat components. In just a few short seconds, it will determine your body fat percentage: one of the most important Numbers to track when you're getting fit. The InBody BAND 2 reveals changes in your body that matter, like increases in muscle and decreases in fat. This sleek wearable body composition analyzer also features EZTraining which allows you to keep track of reps during select exercises. The InBody BAND 2 also monitors sleep patterns, calories burned and steps. Measure your body fat and muscle mass anytime, anywhere."

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