iMovR Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board for Standing Desk - Graphite


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Brand: iMovR

Color: Graphite


  • Patented Finnish innovation allows you to "walk while standing".
  • Concave side: walking-in-place, rocking motions, therapeutic arch stretches and foot massage.
  • Convex side: calf stretches, toe lifts, heel lifts, back stretches and more.
  • Ideal for standing desk users; the Gymba relieves foot and back pain from prolonged standing.
  • Includes one soft and one firm repositionable ball for stimulating foot massage and improved circulation.

Details: The Gymba is a revolutionary balance board that is specifically designed to be used at a standing desk, not in a gym (although it has plenty of uses away from the desk as well!). With the Gymba you can actually "walk while standing," activating the leg muscles, engaging the core, improving posture and circulation, all while getting your work done. It does this without disrupting your concentration, inviting ergonomic injury or damaging your floors as other balance boards can. Meet the iMovR Gymba: Balance boards may be the new "new thing" being pitched at standing desk users, but most are really just the same old, same old balance boards that were never specifically designed for the ergonomic considerations of actually working at a standing desk. They’re great for use in the gym or physical therapy clinic, but too disruptive to one's concentration to actually use while typing at a computer. The Gymba is a revolutionary advancement in the science of "dynamic standing."

EAN: 0711081298865

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